Goal Setting for Employees

Via the left navigation, go to Me> My Goals> View/Edit

In the Driver's Seat

Goals are the objectives that help employees set clear expectations and evaluate "what" you accomplished as part of the performance review. Goals aren't necessarily something that is already expected as part of the job. They are meant to act as a means to measure the impact on organizational success. For example, creating a weekly report and sending it out in a timely manner might be an expected part of a job, but it's not a goal.

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals will help ensure that you measure what matters. PiiQ makes this process quick and easy, allowing employees in organizations with employee-driven goal-setting to take direct control of how their goals are created and updated. Once goals are set and your manager confirms them, they'll become available in the review for ratings and comments, making Goal Setting a vital step in the review process. 


Here's a video to walk you through the process of goal setting. It's focused mostly on Employee Goal Setting, though the information is useful for anyone looking to set goals in PiiQ!



Setting Your Employee Goals

Once the Goal Setting stage of your review begins, head to Me > My Goals using the navigation menu.



Next, you'll see the goal categories provided by the administrator, such as Consulting Efficiency below. Click the View/Edit button for the category under which you want to set or update goals.



 A panel will display that shows the different goals beneath the categories, also known as sub-goals.


Here you will have the ability to:

  • Make updates to your sub-goals
  • Create new sub-goals
  • Delete sub-goals you no longer need

The last point is especially important to note - this is because there must at least one sub-goal for each Goal Category, as the weighting must equal 100%. If the Goal Categories are the "what to do", then the sub-goals are the "how to do it". Every goal must have at least one "how to do it", otherwise it cannot be measured (SMART Goals)!

Undo Changes and Delete for sub-goals

The Undo Changes and Delete buttons will be present depending on the sub-goal's status. If a sub-goal is NEW, clicking Undo Changes will remove the sub-goal, as it has not been confirmed. Once the sub-goal is confirmed, further changes will show as UPDATED. Clicking Undo Changes will rollback the goal to the last time it was confirmed. Clicking Delete will set the sub-goal to be deleted once the manager confirms the updates.

• NEW + Undo Changes = Delete
• UPDATED + Undo Changes = Rollback
• UPDATED + Delete = Delete

When updates to your goals are complete, click on the "Send a Reminder" link to send an email to your manager and let them know your goals are ready to be reviewed and confirmed.




Once your manager confirms your goals, you'll see a new banner on the My Goals page to indicate your goals are visible on your review. You can use the link to head straight to your review and get started adding ratings and comments for your new goals once the Self-Review stage begins.




Great work! Now comes the fun part: making your goals reality!


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