My Self Review FAQs

Can I bypass a goal or competency rating?

If your organization allows for submitting partially completed reviews, then you can leave goals and competencies that are not applicable unrated. The unrated factors do not contribute to the calculation of the Overall Score.  

Please check with your internal HR administrator for more details on having Partial Submit enabled.

Why am I unable to move the slider scale when trying to complete a Review?

There are two scenarios. 

  • You may be trying to move the main category slider, located at the very top, which cannot be manually moved. You can only adjust the slider scale at the sub-level.
  • The edit access has been Locked by the Administrator. The admin needs to go to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles where they can uncheck the Lock Access box to allow edits to that area.

 How can I make changes to my submitted Self Review?

After submitting your review, the SUBMIT button converts to an UNSUBMIT button. To make changes/edits to your submitted review, first, you must click UNSUBMIT. Remember to resubmit once you’re done. 


If the UNSUBMIT Button is greyed out/ not clickable, check with your administrator to ensure the access to edit is Unlocked and edits are still accepted.  

How do I know when my ratings and comments have saved?

The main way to know when your ratings or comments have completely auto-saved is to make sure the top-right hand corner of the Review page says “Saved". If it is still at "Typing..." then the data hasn’t been captured yet. If you leave the page before "Saved" appears, a potential data loss may incur. 

  • For ratings, let go of the rating marker after you have placed the marker accordingly. This will save the rating and the summary/category rating will also be automatically adjusted. 
  • For comments/text, click out of the textbox field to save the comments.

 Who can view submitted reviews?

Once a review is submitted, it is sent to your direct manager. HR administrators and managers higher in the hierarchy--your indirect managers--are also able to view your submitted review.


How can I see my manager’s review of my performance?

If your manager has completed and submitted the manager review, you will find a checkbox Show Manager Review at the top of your My Self Review page. Click Show Manager Review checkbox and the manager rating pins will appear with the manager's icon or initials on it.


I’ve submitted my Self Review, why can't I see the Overall Score?

The overall score is calculated based on the manager’s ratings only. The overall score will only be visible to employees if administrators have turned the Visibility to Employee settings on and managers have submitted their Manager Review.


How do I print/export a PDF of My Self Review?

In the upper right corner, next to the Review Cycle Selector is the Print icon. Clicking the icon will automatically download a PDF to your web browser. If nothing happens after you click Print, make sure you do not have pop-up blockers preventing the download. 

To Print the manager review along with your Self Review, be sure you have the checkbox Show Manager Review checked before clicking Print. 

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