Completing Your Manager Review

Via the left navigation, go to My Team> My Teams Reviews

Managing Performance

As a people manager, it’s your duty to provide insightful feedback,  seek growth opportunities, and celebrate the successes of your team. One way to do that is via Team Reviews. You have the chance to make a real impact on your team members' future performance and engagement with the company; take this seriously. Provide detailed comments & concrete, illustrative examples. Reflect candidly and create an action plan for the behaviours you need your team to start, stop, or maintain to be successful in the future. Embrace the process!

Check out this short video on completing manager reviews to quickly see steps and recommendations.



Access Current and Historic Reviews

Using the navigation toolbar, click My Team > My Team’s Reviews.

If you only have one direct report, you will automatically be taken to their corresponding review. 

If you have more than one direct report, the People Selector popup window will display. Choose which team member you would like to review. 

Here are some fun facts about the People Selector:

  • The view changes as you complete your teams’ reviews making it easy to see who you still need to Review
  • The People Selector is accessible in the upper right corner of your page next to Print and the Review Selector. It is represented by a 3-person icon. 
  • If you have a big team, utilize the search bar to find your team members with ease.

If your company has more than one review cycle open, the review displayed will be the one with the earliest end-date that has not yet passed. 

To switch between reviews, access the Review Selector in the upper right. Click the down arrow to see the list of Reviews you have participated in.  



Rate, Comment, and Submit 

To Rate, click the Goal or Competency on which you would like to rate. The Goal or Competency will expand and a list of Subgoals or Competency Questions will open.

Each Subgoal has its own Rating Slider (with Rating Pin and Rating Scales) and a Comment box beside your Avatar. The importance of each Subgoal on the overall rating is indicated by the Weighting area on the right.



Each Competency Question has its own Rating Slider.

Competency TextBox is a Comment box beside your Avatar.

  1. Drag the Rating Pin across the Rating Scale to rate Subgoals or Competency Questions.
  2. Repeat these steps for all Goals and Competencies.
  3. Add Overall Comments
  4. View Overall Score / Label
  5. Review and Submit



Note that Ratings and Comments are saved automatically once an edit is completed (e.g. a rating slider is moved or you click out after writing comment text).

Overall Score

Overall Score configurations (weighting, rounding precision, range, labels, and visibility)  are predefined by your company’s HR system administrator and is used to reflect your team members’ performance overall during that review period.

By comparing the overall score every year, you can ensure the continuous development and improvement of your team members.

When you complete all the ratings on Goals and Competencies, you will see the Overall Score generated based on these ratings in Manager Review.

Before submitting the manager review, you may review and adjust the ratings if you want to update the score. After submitting the review, you will not be able to change the score (unless you un-submit the review again to adjust the rating).


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