Completing My Self Review

Via the left navigation, go to Me> My Self Review

Reflecting on Achievement

Self Reviews allow you to reflect on your performance; passing insight, meaningful feedback, and anecdotes to your manager and HR team help support how you rate yourself. Make the most of your Self Review by adding detailed comments & providing concrete examples. Try to include forward-looking action plans describing the behaviors you need to start, stop, or maintain to be successful in the future. Candid reflection leads to growth opportunities so we hope you embrace the process. Let's get started!

Here's a video to walk you through the process, touching on how to access, navigate through, and complete your Self Reviews.



Access Current and Historic Reviews

Using the left navigation toolbar, click Me > My Self Review.


You will automatically be taken to your Self Review. If your company has more than one review cycle open, the review displayed will be the one with the earliest end-date that has not yet passed. 

To switch between reviews, access the Review Selector in the upper right. Click the down arrow to see the list of Reviews you have participated in.  


How to Rate, Comment, and Submit 

To Rate, click the Goal or Competency on which you would like to rate yourself. The Goal or Competency will expand and a list of Subgoals or Competency Questions will open.

Each Subgoal has its own Rating Slider (with Rating Pin and Rating Scales) and a Comment box beside your Avatar. The importance of each Subgoal on the overall rating is indicated by the Weighting area on the right.


Each Competency Question has its own Rating Slider.

Competency TextBoxes are Comment boxes beside your Avatar. Use these to enter additional information about the competency you are updating.

  1. Drag the Rating Pin across the Rating Scale to rate on Subgoals or Competency Questions.
  2. Repeat these steps for all Goals and Competencies.
  3. Add Overall Comments
  4. Review and Submit

Note that Ratings and Comments are saved automatically once an edit is completed (e.g. a rating slider is moved or you click out after writing comment text).




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