Getting Started for Managers

Meet Your Tools of the Trade

Welcome to PiiQ – the easy way to manage the performance of your team. Say goodbye to paper reviews or headache-inducing Excel forms. PiiQ is here to automate your review process and help you make the important decisions that will create a baseline for achievement and success year over year. You’ve got enough to worry about! Let PiiQ take some of the strain out of doing what you love: leading people.

First things first!

If this is your first time logging in or if you need to reset your password, please click Forgot Password on the home page and follow the instructions. For more details, please click here

Dashboard Tour

Once you're logged in, the first thing you'll see will be your dashboard. This will serve as a launchpad for your performance activities. The navigation bar (usually stationed to the left of your screen, depending on resolution) can be used to move between different areas of PiiQ. Click on one of the sections to expand it or move to the relevant system area.

  • PiiQ Dashboard - Return to the Dashboard
  • Me - My Profile, My Goals, My Self Review, My Check-Ins, 360 Feedback Requests
  • My Team - My Team's Goals, My Team Reviews, My Team's Check-ins, My Team's 360 Feedback
  • PiiQ Insights - 9-Box
  • PiiQ Help - Open PiiQ Help Center in a new tab



Beneath your welcome banner will be Review Insights, a set of metrics that you can use to gain visibility into the progress of your team's performance reviews, past and present.



Use the dropdown arrow to switch between different review cycles. For each of the widgets, View will take you to the relevant area of PiiQ (e.g. clicking View for Goal Setting would navigate to My Team's Goals). Download will give you instant access to completion progress and score reports for your team.

Nice Dashboard! Now what?

Down to the business of performance reviews! 

Step 1: Work with your direct reports to input Goals and Confirm the Goals that will form the basis for rating your team.

Step 2: Rate your direct reports on the goals approved by you and on the competencies set by admins. See how your employees have rated themselves on the same objectives.

Step 3: Use 9-Box Insights to make informed decisions about performance and development.

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