Performance Dashboard Enhancements

Starting on the 26th of August (US), we will begin rollout of the New Performance Dashboard to Performance-only clients. This new home page is visible to all employees, managers, and administrators.


Answer key questions about the progress of your reviews and access the information you need with a few clicks. Whether you're pulling up reviews from previous years or tracking who has yet to have their goals confirmed in your current cycle, the new Performance Dashboard is here to simplify your performance life.

Feature Enhancement Highlights:

  • Review Cycle timelines now visible to all employees, managers, and administrators in a graphical chart 
  • Administrators and managers can more easily find and access reports from the dashboard.
  • Reports are contextually displayed alongside the review stages (e.g. goal-related reports are under the goal area)
  • Quickly start performance conversations using quick links in the user banner
  • 9-Box and Check-Ins Insights are now present under the Admin Tasks bar
  • Completion rates and due dates displayed for Goal Setting, Self Review, Team Review, and 360 Feedback
  • Quickly access dashboards for specific reviews via the cycle selector
  • Toggle between dashboards for the entire organization (administrators), your team (managers), and yourself (employees)
With these dashboard enhancements, you'll be sure to find the information you need whenever you need it. We are working to make the performance review process as effortless as possible so that you can spend less time scratching your head and more time driving for success!
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