Copy Goals for Managers

Via the left navigation, go to My Team> My Team's Goals

Copy Goals promotes continuous goal management and allows managers to use previously confirmed goals as a starting point in the current or future review cycle.

Key Concepts

Goals that can be copied:

  • Goals under Goal Categories that exist in both the review round receiving the copied goals and the review round of origin.

Additional Options

  • "Clear existing goals first" will delete all goals that currently display on the current review cycle. Confirming goals will complete the deletion and confirm the copied goals plus any edits made after the copy. If this setting is turned off, the copied goals will be included along with any goals input prior to copy goals action.

  • "Undo Changes" will revert the copy goals function. Separately, it can also be used to un-delete goals that are needed. This will allow you to pick and choose edited goals, copied goals and which are set to be deleted.

Roll over an employee's Goals

Step 1. Using the left side-navigation menu, click My Team > My Team's Goals


Step 2. Select the employee whose goals you wish to set.


Step 3. Click on Copy Goals button. The below screen will appear.


Step 4. Select the source review you wish to copy goals from.


Step 5. Enable “Clear existing goals first” if you wish to delete the existing goals from the target review.


Step 6. Click Confirm.

Copy Goals confirmation popup


Goals under the matching categories copied (marked as NEW)

Goals duplicated?

If you realize that after copying goals between two reviews, some goals have doubled-up: Go ahead and get rid of unwanted goals using the "Undo Changes" button. 

Don't forget to confirm!

Goals that have been copied from another review round will not be added to a user's review until they have been confirmed by the manager.

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