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PiiQ has been hard at work simplifying various elements of setup in the Performance module. Starting November 20th (US), clients with access to the PiiQ Performance will enjoy an easier and more transparent process to set up new reviews or edit existing ones. The new Review Cycle Setup Enhancements will be available for all administrators in PiiQ Performance.

There are three steps to the setup process: date selection, participant confirmation, and milestone configuration. Each is separated out to give you a better picture of the review you're creating and ensure that you have the visibility you need to avoid time-consuming mistakes or confusion. 

1. To get started, use either the quick links on the dashboard or the side-navigation to create a new cycle.


2. Once you click to start a review, you'll be taken to our new Review Cycle stepper. Your first choice is to select when you want the review to start (Goal Setting) and when you want the review to end (Manager Review). Based on what you select here, you will see suggested dates in the Milestones section. Don't forget to name your review!


3. In the next step, you'll see a chart of all employees that will be entered into the review. By default, all employees with a role and a manager will be included. You can choose to remove employees by clicking the X beside their name. You can even confirm their current role and to whom they report in the organization. No more need to guess at who might be left out.


4. In the last step, Milestones, Settings, and Summary, you'll see a chart of the upcoming review based on the dates you selected. From here, you can adjust any of the dates of the review cycle steps and activate 360 Feedback. Use the Edit button to changes dates and control access to the review (as indicated by the padlock that will be open for unlocked and closed for locked). Remember that locked review steps cannot be changed by employees or managers.


5. After the milestones section you can see a summary of the employees you selected in the second step, along with the competency and goal categories assigned from your Content Library. Take this time to double check that you have aligned the correct goals and competencies.


6. Lastly, choose whether you wish to enable Employee Goal Setting or Partial Submit for your reviews. Click to Create, and you're finished!



That wasn't so bad, right? Now, let's be about the business of performance! With your review cycle created, this is a great time to prepare your managers and employees on how to get started. Here are some articles that can help.

Performance: Getting Started for Managers

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