Review Cycle Content Library - Mid-Cycle Goal and Competency Updates

Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles

Content Library 

Table of Contents

 1. What is the Content Library

2. Review Cycle Content Library

3. Updates to a Review That is In Progress

4. Delete a Goal or Competency

5. Updating the Content Library

6. Other Considerations

What is the Content Library

Your first question here might be – What exactly IS the Content Library? It’s a great one to ask (…and the first one I had when I began investigating PiiQ Content)!

The Content Library is part of the base configuration that contains and stores all the Goals & Competencies that have been set up for your Organization. The Content Library exists in Settings > Performance Settings.  You would go to the Content Library in order to complete the following:

  • Set up Goals & Competencies
  • Define Role assignments

Review Cycle Content Library

When a review cycle begins, a copy of the performance framework (which includes your setup relating to roles, goals, competencies, and scoring configuration) is made to create a Review Cycle Content Library.  To simplify this description, this means that the Goals & Competencies you have set up from Settings > Goals & Competencies will be applied to the users whose roles are tied to them. 

Example: You create a Financial goal in your Content Library.  You assign this goal to the roles of Accountant, Team Member, and Sales. Now, when your review begins, that goal will be assigned to the employees with those roles! Similarly, removing role assignments will also remove the goal from the review.

When a user is assigned a role, that role with remain with the user for the remainder of the cycle.  This means any updates made in the Content Library will not impact reviews and goals based on the role assigned at the beginning of a cycle. Check out this article for more information on roles: Assigning Roles & How They Work

To update the goals and competencies in an open review cycle, you can find the Review Content Library by Navigating to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles.  This will bring you to an overview of all reviews that are set up within your organization, and you will see a ‘Content’ button on each Review. If only everything were that easy, am I right?  You can access this area in order to add, view, or edit Goals & Competencies, which you will learn about later in the article. 

When you click on the ‘Content’ button, you will see that the Goals & Competencies are displayed on the main page, front and center! When a user clicks on a goal or competency, the details are presented through a side navigation panel. You will learn how to make updates from this panel as well, so read on!


Updates to a Review That is In Progress

Now, I’m sure you might be thinking “What if I need to make changes or add a goal/competency to my content library during a live, in-progress review?” Well, you’re in my luck, my friend! You can easily access the Review Cycle Content Library to make edits to your in-progress review.

To do this:

1. Navigate to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles

2. Click the 'Content' button under the review you need to update.

3. Click into whichever content you would like to edit, and a side panel will appear.  It is here that you can make changes or create a new goal or competency.

When you make changes, you will see what was done with one of three notifications:

  • New - Newly added Goal, Competency, Subgoal, Question, or Text box.
  • Updated - Modifications made to one of the fields, e.g. Title, Description, Role.
  • Needs Correction - Mandatory fields not completed.
4. When you finish updating the goal or competency, click the X in the upper right of panel or anywhere outside of the panel to close it.

Deleting a Goal or Competency

If you wish to "delete" or "remove" a goal, subgoal, competency, or subquestion, the way to do this is to remove the role assignment. If there is no role assigned, then it will not appear on the review form. 
Please note, if you assign roles at the category level and you wish to have one of the sub-levels removed from the review, you will first want to remove role assignment at the category level of the goal/ competency and then add them back via the sublevel for all that you wish to remain on the review.
Example 1- Category Level Role Assignment: 
Example 2- Sub-level Role Assignment: 

Saving an Update in the Review Cycle Content Library

You just made your changes to your Content Library, so how do you apply them to your review?

Review Cycle Content Library updates are always automatically saved but will not be pushed to the live review until the APPLY button is clicked.

1. The example below shows that my goal was Updated. To push out the changes officially, click APPLY.


2. Upon clicking Apply, a confirmation dialogue will pop up to ask you to confirm your changes and describe who will be impacted. This list will consist of all employees who have a role whose goals and/or competencies were changed as part of the update.

3. An email notification can also be optionally sent to end-users if desired. Click the "Send email to notify managers and employees..." option to send a customized message directly from PiiQ to any employees affected by your change. 

Applying updates to submitted reviews

When applying updates, note who will be affected. If an update will cause a change in a submitted review (either Self or Manager Review), that review will be unsubmitted. The warning will say that the review "may need to be resubmitted," but please take this as a certainty. Changed reviews must be unsubmitted to allow employees and managers to make necessary changes and ensure accurate responses in reviews. We recommend using the notification option or sending an internal note to affected employees to prevent confusion.

Restoring Unpublished Updates

You now have added or edited some Content in your Library for your in-progress review, but realize they were incorrect. GREAT, now what?! No problem! If you need to restore the state of the Review Content Library to the state it was in before all your edits, just hit RESTORE instead of APPLY.


PLEASE NOTE: This must be done BEFORE you hit the APPLY button. If you have already hit the APPLY button and confirmed the update, those changes have been rolled out to the review and the restore function will not be effective.


Updating the Content Library


Updates to a Review That is Not In Progress

If your review is NOT in-progress, you will add your updates to the Content Library, which is found under Settings > Performance Settings > Goals & Competencies. This is where you can create new Goals & Competencies, edit existing Goals & Competencies, and attach Roles to the Goals & Competencies for all your future review rounds.



Other Considerations

What Do Users See When Updates/Changes Have Been Made to the Content Library During Their Review?

The impact on users regarding updated content during a review is minimal. When updates or changes to the Library have been made during in-progress reviews, the updates will simply appear in Goal Setting and reviews will be updated when it starts.

If there are users who have already submitted their reviews, any Live Update changes made (adds, edits, or role changes) will automatically un-submit their reviews. This will allow them to resubmit after viewing the changes and adjusting their submission accordingly.

Administrators are also provided with the ability to send a customized email to Managers and Employees to inform them of the updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Managers do not need to confirm goals again if updates are made.

Email Notifications of Live Updates

If an admin would like to, there is an option to notify users that an update or change has been made during the review process.  This will give them a heads-up that changes were made, and if they have submitted their review, that they will have to go back to their review to see the changes and resubmit to their manager.

Once you have decided to APPLY the update, you’ll see a confirmation box appear:


Make sure you are certain you would like to apply the update and look carefully at who the changes will impact.  If you would like to notify the affected users, simply check the box to send an email and customize your email in the text box. Then, hit CONFIRM! An email will be sent out with your message to let users know of the change. 

You are now a pro in the world of the Review Cycle Content Library!

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