Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to PiiQ FAQ's! This is a condensed, easy to view list of the most commonly received questions within the platform! Please remember that if you are an employee and these questions come up, the first step is always to contact your account Admin for support and troubleshooting. 

People Management

Q: Why can't I deactivate a manager?

A. All direct reports of the manager need to first be changed! Change the employee's manager to their new manager as a first step. If the employees are in the middle of a performance review, make sure you read this article first: Manager Change During an Open Review.

Q. I deleted an employee from our portal, but I need their information now. Can I get that back?

A. Due to GDPR compliance, we are not able to reverse deletion, however, data such as an employee review is retained but anonymized. It's important to understand the difference between marking an employee as inactive versus deleting them from the system. If you need help, contact support. We're here to help. 

  1. Delete users
  2. Inactive Employees (leaves of absence)
  3. Export User Data before Deletion

Q. What are the required fields in the People Import Spreadsheet?

A. You will need to include a user's first and last name, their email, and their active status (Columns A, B, G & Q). Please note, that until the user has a role and manager assigned, they cannot be included in a review cycle (but you can include this info as you are importing them!). This guide walks you through the process in greater detail: Import People Data


Q: What items CANNOT be updated by using the People Import Spreadsheet?

A: Employee active or inactive status, email addresses, roles, or managers cannot be updated by the People Import spreadsheet. This is to ensure that admins are making informed decisions around these key areas. This guide walks you through the process in greater detail: Import People Data


Q: How do I get admin permissions?

A. An existing administrator will need to grant you admin permissions. They should be logged into their PiiQ Portal and, using the navigation toolbar, go to the People Section. From there, they can either add you as a new user or update your existing profile by toggling the Admin Access permission at the bottom of the people card. You can find more details here: Add People.

Note: If your existing admin(s) are no longer with your organization, please contact us at or reach out to your account manager. We will follow our security protocols to make an exception and grant access.  


Q: I'm a new admin - what do I do?

A. Because each PiiQ system is customized to each business' unique use case and specifications, we recommend getting in touch with support for some hands-on system training. Find out more here: I'm a New Admin - What do I do? and please include any other admins in your organization- the more the merrier!


Q: Why didn't my people updates save on a user's profile?

A: After updating any information on a user, you will always need to use the Confirm checkmark to ensure all updates save. You can find a step-by-step outline here: Edit a Person's Profile.


Goals and Competency Management

Q. I updated the Goals in the Goals and Competencies section under Performance settings, why haven't they been updated in my review cycle?

A. The Goals and Competencies section of the performance settings is the library and affects future review cycles only. This is due to a process called versioning, where a "picture" of all the information housed within PiiQ is taken when a review cycle is launched. If you go back and change the info in the library, it doesn't change the picture that has been taken! 

To update the current review cycle, click on the Content button of that specific review cycle:


And alter the Goals or Competencies as required there - don't forget to apply the changes once you're done! This article explains the process in greater detail: Updating Goals and Competencies Mid-Cycle


Q. How do I delete a goal or competency from a review cycle? 

A. There are a few different ways to do this. First, Admins can delete a goal or competency from a review cycle by removing the role assignment in the Review Cycle Content Libary

Second, If you need to remove a goal from a user but not from everyone in that role assignment, there are a few nuances that we need to review to determine next steps:

  1. Do you need to remove the goal category or the sub-goal within the category? If you need to remove the subgoal- have the manager (or mimic into the manager's portal) go to the employee's goal-setting page and delete it. (See: Goal setting for Managers)
  2. Can I have a goal category assigned but remove all subgoals or leave them blank? Goal categories must have at least one subgoal assigned and it can't be left blank. Luckily, PiiQ has two workarounds for this instance. 
    1. You can turn on the partial submit setting in the review which will allow that user to complete the review without rating every goal/ competencies. (See: Create a review cycle)
    2. You can remove the user/ users from that review cycle and create a concurrent one without that goal assigned. (See: Updating an Employee's Role Mid-Cycle)
  3. Will changing the user's role remove the goals for the current review cycle? In order to protect your data integrity and allow for concurrent reviews/ planning for future reviews, Role assignment is preserved once a review is created. (See: Mid-cycle Actions, Performance Framework)

We also recommend checking out our Best Practice- Goal Format/ Creation article if you want to modify your setup for future review cycles. 

 Q. My employees are trying to set their goals and only see the option to "view" not to "view/edit"- why?

A. Check to make sure you enabled "employee goal setting" for that specific review cycle. (see: Enable Employee Goal Setting)

Q. How can managers see their extended (skip line) team's goals? 

A. Managers can see goals for their extended teams in a few ways depending on what stage you are in their review cycle.

  1. The first would be to use the Detailed Scores Report, which managers access from their Dashboard Team View> Goals Widget> Download link. Their report shows their entire extended team and can be accessed after goals are entered and confirmed by the direct manager
  2. The second is via the 9-Box Insights> People Analytics> View Review. This only works once the direct manager has begun reviewing their direct report's review.  Just make sure the extended manager is on the Extended Team view and proper cycle. 


Self-Review and Manager Review Management

Q. My employees/managers are saying they can't do their self/manager review.

A. First, make sure your employees/managers are working in the correct review cycle; the review cycle selector will be located in the upper right corner of the review page.

If they are working in the correct review, the next step is to make sure that the stage of the review cycle is unlocked in the review cycle settings. See: Edit a review cycle

If they can rate their competencies but not their goals, make sure they were confirmed by the manager to have them appear on the review stage. See Goal Setting for Managers

One thing to note- if the manager changed mid-cycle, you'll want to ensure that the previous manager left the review un-submitted so that the new manager can update it as well. See Manager Change During an Open Review

We also created two help guides directed towards answering the questions we commonly get from managers and employees regarding their reviews:

  1. Team Review FAQs
  2. Self-Review FAQs

360 Feedback

Q. Is 360 Feedback anonymous?

A. No, 360 Feedback is not anonymous, but only the manager who requested the info, their manager, or an admin will be able to see the info provided by the person who responded. They will be able to see who has been requested to provide feedback, who has responded, and the people who have completed the feedback (and their answers):


Read more here: Requesting and Reviewing 360 Feedback for Managers.

Q. Can an employee request their own 360 Feedback?

A. No - 360 Feedback is designed for managers to get a more holistic picture of how the employee performs and can be requested from anyone within the organization (who is also in the PiiQ Portal!). If the employee could request their own feedback, it might allow them to cherry-pick, and not provide the full picture.


Review Cycle Management

Q. Is there a guide for how to best set up my review cycle?

A: Yes! We have created a Performance Onboarding Checklist to walk you through the process. Don't worry, you will still be able to customize the portal to your organization's needs, this will just help you to learn systematically the best process. 


Q. How do I close a review cycle?

A. Simply lock all portions of the review cycle (Goal Setting, Self-review, Manager Review, and 360 Feedback if it is turned on)! Locking a review's sub-cycles is PiiQ's way of "Closing" the review. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles>EDIT the chosen review> Lock each stage of the cycle. See: Closing a Review Cycle

Q. How can I delete a review cycle?

 A. First things first... we only recommend deleting review cycles that you created as "tests" or reviews that were not used. Deleting a review permanent and should be done with caution.

To delete, navigate to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles. Notice the names of your reviews- sometimes there is a "test" cycle with the same name as the "real" one. Once you are sure which review is to be deleted, click delete. As a precaution, there one more pop up message that you must confirm to complete the deletion. 



Q. I've accidentally put the wrong dates in for my review cycle. Can I change them?

A. Absolutely! PiiQ is very flexible - just click Edit, and change the dates in step 3 - Milestones, Settings, and Summary. See: Edit a review cycle


Q. How can I quickly view an employee's review? (two-part answer)

A. Part 1: For managers that want to see their direct reports, the two easiest ways are:

  • Via the Dashboard
    • It is important to ensure you are in the correct view and the correct review cycle from your Dashboard to make sure you can see the accurate reviews.
  • Via the Left navigation> My Team> My Team's Reviews

Helpful Hints: From the My Team's Review Page, you can (1) Change the Review cycle, (2) Change the team member using the People Selector, and (3) Print or save.


A. Part 2: For Admins or Managers of Managers that want to see their extended team The most common way is to go through to the 9-Box grid  (navigation bar> Insights> 9 box). Admin can also mimic into a manager's portal to access My Teams Reviews for that manager. 

Helpful Hints: 

  • If the manager has not yet started the review, it will not show on the 9-Box grid
  • It is important to ensure you are in the correct view (My Team, My Extended Team, Organization) and the correct review cycle.

 Q: How do I get to the correct Review Cycle?

A: Look for the Review Cycle Selector which can be found on the Dashboard, goals, reviews, 360 feedback, and 9-box sections of your portal. Look for the name of one of your company's reviews and a down arrow to select another cycle. In most cases, the cycle selector will be in the upper right corner of the page. For your Dashboard, it's in the upper left, just below your profile image. 


Note: If you are an admin who wants to make edits to a review cycle or view the review cycle content library, go to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles from the left side navigation pane. 


Q: Why can't I move my rating slider?

A: There are two reasons this might be happening! 

  1. The header category box for rating sliders cannot be manually moved. Instead, the rating is determined by the sub-sliders within that category. Make sure the box is expanded to access the moveable rating sliders. There is also the possibility of having a text-only comment box that would leave the header slider as unrated. (see: Team Review FAQs for images and more details)
  2. The dates for goal setting may be locked. This would make it impossible to perform any edits on the review. (see: Team Review FAQs for images and more details)



Q: Why can’t I see all the notes in my Check-ins? 

A: There are a couple of reasons you might not be seeing all notes in a Check-inincluding your own notes and the other participants.  

  1. One important thing about Check-ins is that all notes must actively be saved. As you work in Check-ins, you must click “Add Note” before your PiiQ session times out (about every 15 minutes). If you don't click "Add Note", you won't see that note when you return to the Check-in next. 

  2. All users, regardless of if they are a manager or an employee, have the option to make a note private. If a note is made private, only the user who added the note can see it. Even and Admin mimicked into a user's account cannot see the private note. If someone mentions adding notes that they can see and you cannot see, they likely need to make the note public: 

Check out Scheduling and Completing Check-ins for more information! 


Q. How can I edit or delete a Check-in?

A. Edits and Deletions are controlled by the person who created the Check-in. 

  • For Manager created Check-ins, go to My Team> My Team's Check-ins
  • For Employee created Check-ins, go to  Me> My Check-ins
  • For Check-in's scheduled by the admin, mimic into the manager's portal and follow the above pathway.

Once on this page, use the pencil icon to edit and the trashcan icon to delete



 Q. Can I print or get a report for my company Check-Ins?

A.  You can! Navigate to Insights > Check-Ins Insights for that information, and make sure to read our help center article for more information - Check-Ins Insights.


Q. Is there a guide to help me set up my Learning portal?

A: There is! We have a Learning Onboarding Checklist to make your setups as easy as possible. Just follow the guide in the order the steps are outlined and you'll be ready to start your organization's learning.


Q: How do I see who has completed a course I have assigned?

A. There are a few different ways you can access this information:

  1. Using either the completion or overdue courses report, you can get a good idea of who has completed, or not completed the content that was assigned. Please note, the overdue course report only populates courses assigned with a due date. You can read more here: Course Completion Report / Overdue Courses Report.
  2. You can also go to the specific course itself, export and filter as needed! Find out how to here: Track a Course: Manage Learners.
  3. By viewing each user's My Learning report- you can export and filter as needed. You can also mimic into a manager or CEO to access My Team's Learning report- to see their entire downline. See: My Learning, My Team's Learning, & Mimic


 Q. Can I add external training in PiiQ?

A. You sure can! Please refer to the article in the help center for step by step instructions and best practices - Adding External Training in PiiQ - A Workaround


Q. How do I remove training that has been assigned?

First things first, only admins and managers can cancel content, and managers can only do so for their direct reports. Self-registered content cannot be canceled, as it was sought out. There are 3 ways that assigned content can be canceled:

  1. From the Learning Library and course itself, 
  2. From a users transcript, or 
  3. From the Overdue courses report.

1. Head on over to the learning Library, and find the content you want to cancel. From there, click the View button and select manager learners. Tick the users that you want the content canceled for, click on the three dot menu, and select Cancel Assignment:

You can read a more in-depth guide here: Send Reminders, Edit Due Dates and Cancel Assignments.

2. To cancel assigned content via the user's transcript, head over to My Team > My Team's learning. Click on the user in question, and click the three-dot menu on the course that needs to be canceled. Finally, select Cancel Assignment. This is a great way for managers to cancel the content, or admins by using the mimic feature! 

3. Finally, you can use the Overdue Courses Report to cancel the assigned content. Once you have run the report, simply select the employees, and using the three-dot menu, you can use select "Cancel Assignment":




Q. What do all the icons mean in my portal?

A. The icons in your portal can be a little overwhelming. Please take a look at this PiiQ Legend for a list of the icons and what they do! PiiQ Legend


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