PiiQ Legend

Sometimes starting out in PiiQ can be a bit overwhelming! I felt the same way when I started working in the platform, trust me. In an effort to make all the icons more distinguishable and familiar, I created a PiiQ legend. Below you will see the icons you will see in your PiiQ portal, and what they mean. 


PiiQ Legend


 blobid1.png - This symbol will bring you to the PiiQ Help Center 


blobid2.png - This is the Settings symbol. Clicking this icon will bring you to your personal page Settings. 


blobid3.png- This indicates there are more Options in that particular area. This 3-dot menu will provide a drop-down of additional options. 


blobid4.png- This icon means you are able to Export information. 


blobid5.png - This icon means you are able to Import information. 


blobid7.png- This symbol will allow you to Search in that area. 


blobid8.png- This icon indicates the ability to filter results. 


blobid9.png - This icon means you are able to Add a person to that page.  Only found on the People page of your portal.


blobid10.png- This is an Admin only feature. The binoculars allow the Admin to mimic into another user's account. 


blobid11.png - This symbol indicates a Goal. 


blobid0.png- This symbol indicates a Competency. 


blobid12.png- Pencil icon means you are able to Edit that particular area. 


blobid14.png- This downward arrow indicates the field is able to be expanded, meaning there is likely more information in the text box. 


blobid15.png - Arrows with a circle around them mean you are able to reorder the list of information. 


blobid16.png- The trash bin icon indicates the ability to delete an item. 


mceclip0.png- An 'X' means to cancel the action you are currently performing.


mceclip1.png- The checkmark icon to save the changes you just made.


mceclip2.png- This toggle icon indicates the ability to turn a function on or off, making something active or inactive. 


mceclip0.png - This icon indicates the ability to change a picture in that area. 


mceclip1.png- This upside-down triangle icon means that you are able to filter results.


mceclip0.png- This icon brings you to your People page. This is a people selector option available to managers, and also for admins to access/mimic people data.


mceclip1.png- This icon indicates reporting and the Insights area of your portal. 


mceclip2.png- This icon brings you to your Team. This is available to managers and anyone with direct reports.


mceclip3.png- This icon brings you to your Learning Library.

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