Adding External Training in PiiQ - A Workaround

Sometimes training must be completed outside of PiiQ but your company wants PiiQ to be the "source of truth" for all training record keeping. This help guide walks you through a best practice format for creating a course to track and record external training. 

The steps below will show you the recommended best practice for adding external training using an example from Cornerstone Cares:

Step-by-Step External Training Creation

First, from your Learning Library home page, Create a Course in your PiiQ portal. 


Now, from the image and steps below, follow the instructions to create your external training course.


1. Name/Title your course.

  • We recommend always including "External Training" before the course title to make the course easily found when searching or filtering. 

2. Add the name of the specific course.

  • The external training may have a specific course title. Include that here.

3. Give detailed instructions.

  • Explain how to log in and where to find the course and how to complete it in PiiQ.  Make sure to detail exactly what you are requiring!

4. Add in the URL to where the external training is located.

  • In this example, I created one chapter for the main website account creation, then another chapter with the specific URL to the required playlist. You can add as many chapters as you would like!

5. Save your work. 

  • The course is saved in Draft Status until you choose to publish it.

Once you publish your course, it will make it accessible/assignable to your employees. You will see it on your Learning Library home page and/or can easily search for it by title, beginning with "External Training". 


From here, we recommend sending your employees an email internally, letting them know that an External Training has been assigned in their PiiQ portal.  

That was easy! This was just an example of an online course that was external, but this can be done with anything, even training that needs to be in-person.  

One last note, keep in mind that you can attach any additional documents in the Course you created as well! This would be helpful if you need them to read anything before the course, or you could even attach directions to the building if it is an in-person event. 







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