Learning Onboarding Checklist

PiiQ is an easy-to-use system, designed for a quick setup and roll out, so you can get to what matters - learning! That doesn't me we aren't there to help, though. We want to make sure you can implement a sustainable solution, and have created a checklist to make sure you're not missing anything. 

Just a tip - we recommend following the checklist in this order, you'll thank us later :) 


  1. Add System Admins 
    System Admins are going to the PiiQ pros for your organization, and the ones to manage settings and content throughout the years. Adding people in PiiQ is a quick process, but we recommend starting with Admin first so they can get familiar with the system and setups. We will get to adding the rest of your talented people soon!

  2. Brand your Portal
    Just because PiiQ is an out of the box solution does not mean you can't make it your own. Customize PiiQ by adding a brand so your people have a more personalized experience, and feel like this solution is truly for them.

  3. Turn On/Off the Welcome Email
    Make sure to check your email notifications to prevent any surprise emails throughout your organization. PiiQ Learning offers a Welcome Email, that is sent upon adding a new user into the system. If you leave it on, all users will receive our Welcome Email that helps get them logged in for the first time. However, you can turn it off if you prefer to communicate internally.

  4. Browse the Learning Library
    It is important as an Admin to know what courses are available to your organization. That way, you can prepare what you want to assign versus what you might need to archive if you don't want it available to your teams. It also allows you to see if there are any gaps in the content you require, so you can create your own courses.

  5. Customize and Categorize Content (optional)
    There is so much learning to be done in PiiQ, customizing courses to your organization can help learners and managers to search for and assign them. Creating a standardized categorization process helps you brand our content to make it look like your own, and help drive your organization's values and priorities!

  6. Introduce Your Company to PiiQ
    It is time to roll out PiiQ to your teams. Introduce the system (don't worry, we have sample email copies), and get your organization ready for the impending Welcome Email. 

  7. Add People
    You are ready, your organization is ready, so let's get them added in. You can add users one-off as you did with system admin (for smaller organizations), or you have the option to import all users at once. 

  8. Assign Courses
    Your content is ready, your learners are logged in - there's nothing left to do but learn!
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